Why we are choosing to grow Leafy greens in  NFT hydroponic System


Leafy green vegetables are extremely fast growing in  NFT Hydroponic System (Nutrient Film Technique).  Here we talk about the benefits of hydroponic leafy greens. There are many types of leafy greens, such as:


A  perennial  plant that produces narrow, grass-like leaves that have a mild onion-like flavour. Chives are rich in vitamin A and vitamin C, have very little sulphur content and are rich in calcium and iron. Used for many culinary creations. Plant this variety and produce light all year round using hydroponics. The plant will grow to be about 12 inches tall. The optimum temperature for germination is between 600Fand 70°F. Seeds can be started in cubes such as rock wool, oasis cubes or even peat pellets. They are sometimes germinated in soil cells and also transplanted into hydroponic system .


When growing hydroponic spinach you can harvest delicious and super nutritious plants from seed as quickly as possible, over and over again. Hydroponically grown spinach shown in our article takes us about 5 weeks from seeding to harvesting.  All variety of spinach do well in hydroponics. Spinach likes a nice moist environment and usually ready to harvest in 14 to 20 days. Cooler temperature  at maturity promote a sweet-tasting crop. However, cooling through the growth stage will mean that the harvest will slow down. The average daytime temperature of 72°F and the night time average temperature of 65°F give us favourable results both in terms of crop quality and harvest time.

Swiss Chard

Not only is it one of the most popular vegetables in the Mediterranean, but it is also one of the most nutritious. Swiss chard is a popular hydroponics plant and is one of the fastest growing.

You can harvest Swiss chard in about 35 days. Even after harvesting, it will continue to grow and prosper and give a Continuous output. This plant is versatile and can tolerate most temperatures but thrives in cooler climates. It is hardy and can handle some mild cold and frost.


Lettuce is a great source of minerals, fibre and bioactive compounds such as foliate, B – Carotene, and lutein - that promote a nutritious diet. This is one of the most popular hydroponic crops for both beginners and experts a like.

 It is an extremely fast-growing hydroponic crop. It matures in about a month’s time. It has anti –inflammatory, cholesterol – lowering and even anti- diabetic properties. The tiny seeds germinate easily in a growing medium without soil before transferred to a hydroponic system equipped with only a nutrient- rich solution.

Bok Choy

Bok Choy is a nutritious crop that grows very well in hydroponic NFT System.  It Uses only 10 % Of the water as Compare to, when  grown bier  conventional farming. Hydroponic environment provides complete control over the climate. You can adjust the temperature, light intensity and duration, and even the composition of the air, which is essential for optimal growth. Increase the nutrition by reducing the time between harvest and consumption value of the final product.

The following tips will get you going in the right direction for growing hydroponic vegetables for profit and   start a farm at home.

How to plant hydroponic leafy green vegetables

There are two methods of germinating the seed

  1. Direct method
  2. Indirect method

Direct  Method ( In NFT System with Net Pot)


  • Net Cup
  • LECA balls, Coco peat
  • RO Water

Get started by germinating your seeds for the ice berg lettuce in a growing medium such as LECA balls, Coco peat or partite etc.

Growing from seeds

Fill your net pot with growing medium. Sprinkle up to three seeds in each plug and cover with  a quarter – inch of medium compacting them slightly.

Once the plant has produced a few mature leaves and roots, usually around two to three weeks or when they’re about 2 inches tall, it’s time to transplanting them into your other net pot. However, it is possible to all seeds



When transplanting your seedling from the plug net pot to the other net pot, It is important to avoid pulling too hard at the new stalks since it can easily kill the plant.

INDIRECT METHOD ( In Seedling tray with coco – peat)

Fill your tray with a growing medium and slowly add water to make them moist but not soggy. Sprinkle up to 2-3 seeds in each plug and cover with about a quarter-inch of medium compacting them slightly.

Continue to mist the seeds and the growing medium   regularly, and the plants. After two to three weeks or when they are about 2 inches tall. It’s time to transplant them into your Final hydroponic System.


When transplanting your seedlings from the plug trays to the hydroponic system,   It is important to avoid  pulling too hard at the new  stalks since it can easily kill the plant. Very gently, loosen the roots with your fingers and carefully place each seedling into its own pot, tucking the roots through the slats so they dangle into the nutrient solution below.


Hydroponic iceberg  lettuce is extremely easy to grow and it does not require much maintenance, once established into your system. Check your fertilizer and pH level at least once in two days maintain proper growing environment  for your plant.


Check your nutrient solution regularly for signs of evaporation and supplement accordingly. It is advised to replace the entire solution every two to three weeks.

Nutrient setup

  • Fill hydroponics system half- way with water
  • Place equal proportions of fertilizer solution from stock tanks
  • Adjust fertilizer level
  • Adjust pH level as needed


When it comes to harvesting lettuce and Bok Choy, harvest the whole head at once or remove the entire plant by cutting  from the roots. You can also cut off all the leave one at time from the base.  Some leafy green, Spinach, Swiss Chard etc. after harvesting from the leaf will continue to grow and prosper and give a heavy harvest.

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