Rooftop Hydroponic Kitchen Garden

Who doesn’t like lush green gardens in their house? Even science says that greenery around lets one feel more compassionate and helps a person to develop a feeling of belongingness with universe by being in touch with eternal nature.

But because of low urban space available nowadays, it is difficult for many to arrange place to set up a garden. Traditional gardening which requires fertile soil rely on climatic factors and therefore, makes it difficult to execute. But, with Hydroponic techniques it is now possible to set up Roof – top or even Kitchen Gardens without much chaos.

Hydroponic gardening or farming refers to the technique of growing plants by way of nutrient rich water base, without any use of soil. This makes it possible to set up, literally anywhere be it kitchen, balcony or terrace!

It serves many purposes like the following:

  • It serves all sorts of plants, be it, fruit or vegetable bearing or flower producing.
  • The same plant yields high produce when grown hydroponically.
  • It performs the essential function of Water Recycling, as the same water base can be used time and again for many plants by just modifying its nutritional content.
  • It is unaffected by climatic change as its setup (consisting of optimum light, air supply and nutritional base) enables it to grow literally anywhere.
  • Its serves you with fresh produce for daily use.
  • Nutritional content of hydroponic produce is much higher than the traditional one.

Especially, during the time of this Covid – 19 Pandemic, when it has become very difficult to get fresh supplies of fruits and vegetables owing to the frequent occurrence of lockdown, it serves as a very beneficial alternative to your stocked up veggies.

When you start keeping stock of these natural consumable items for a few days, it’s nutritional content declines and refrigeration proves no longer useful.

Here, our hydroponically set gardens prove really fruitful in providing you with organic supplies , grown at the comfort of your home .

So, if you feel to set up a Roof – top or a Kitchen garden at your residence, feel free to contact us and let us design a garden to suit your needs .

Because your satisfaction matter to us .


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