Advantages of Hydroponic Farming

Hydroponics is a term that might be new for many, owing to its less prevalence.  Precisely, Hydroponics is a contemporary way of gardening and farming, combined, using freshwater with an optimum pH level of around 6 – 6.5, along with an airstone or an air pump to supply required oxygen, root support, required nutrients and at last the desired amount of light.

Advantages of Hydroponics :

Is there any actual purpose served by this modern technique? Why would anyone prefer this over the comfortable traditional planting? These questions might be arising.

 Answers can be observed from the benefits served by this technique.

Benefits of Hydroponics :

The top 10 benefits of Hydroponics are :

  • Saves Water

Water consumption in hydroponics is at least 10 folds less in comparison to traditional based farming. This helps in fulfilling the social motive of “ Water Conservation “.

  •  Promotes Water Recycling

The Nutrition rich water base once used to grow plants can be used time and again by adjusting its composition level coupled with a suitable amount of light and oxygen supply.

  • Intact Nutritional Value

  Plants grown using hydroponics are rich in nutritional content. Also, plants can be grown anywhere using this technique,  thus enabling the feature to grow fruits and vegetables in nearness to your house or even restaurants which in turn discourages the need of its transportation and keeps them fresh for use.

  • Higher Yield

Under the Hydroponics system, the rate of plant growth is much faster than the plants grown in soil. Speaking technically, a 30 to 50 per cent increase in growth rate can be easily observed, thereby aiding higher yield or production.

  • Adaptable

Plants grown under modern method are grown in a proper setup, making it suitable to grow anywhere. Thus, farming under this category can easily fit anywhere in the world, making it highly adaptable and conducive to climate change.

  • No weeds

This system help in eliminating unwanted plants as the growth setup for plants isn’t suitable for weeds.

  • Free from soil-related issues

Since there is no use of soil in this system, therefore it doesn’t require giving attention to soil-related aspects like checking fertility, form, erosion, etc.

  • Fully  Organic Produce

In the Hydroponics system, plants are grown without using any form of pesticides or fertilizers, making the product fully organic.

  • Nutrition enriched farm produce

Plants are grown in a good environment and are fed upon nutritional solution making the produce intact and rich in nutritional value.

  • Better than the traditional technique

All the above points make it clear that hydroponic farming is no way less than traditional one instead is much superior to it in terms of produce and health.


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