Buy Hydroponic Online in India

Believe in growing your own food? Then hydroponic farming is the best choice for you.

Ponic Greens is a leading hydroponic system provider in India. In an effort to make our community healthier, we strive to encourage the trend of hydroponics in India. We can supply you with hydroponic and greenhouse growing supplies and accessories - everything that you will need in all the stages of your plant's growth so that you can do farming exceptionally well- for both commercial growers and hobby growers.

As one of the best hydroponics farming kit supplier, we will provide you with excellent materials so that you can give your plants an optimal environment to grow.

We provide customized solutions to build stylish vertical, horizontal and hanging gardens in your homes, cafe and shops so that you can have a serene verdant retreat!

We provide turnkey solutions for farming projects - to individuals and companies. 

we provide AMC services which include annual maintenance charges to help you maintain crops with the hydroponic technique. These charges are a significant part of the after sale service for the proper crop and nutrient management.

We Supply premium quality hydroponic supplies

Coco peat, Net Pots, Clay balls, Perlite, Vermiculite, Nutrients, Grow tubes, Dutch buckets, pH meter, Hydroponic accessories   

When you choose hydroponic gardening, you are sure to get all the benefits of this miraculous farming system. It requires less space and less efforts to grow large quantity of nutritious food.

Need hydroponic supplies for setting up your own grow garden? Worry not!

Check out our range of premium greenhouse supplies and hydroponic know-how at

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