Types of Hydroponic Systems

In this article we will understand what hydroponics is, how it is different from traditional gardening and what are the different types hydroponic  system.


Hydroponics is basically a soil-less way of growing plants, where the plants grow only using water as a source, by adding nutritions in the water plants grow and thrive. Unlike using Soil in traditional methods Roost of plants are supported using soilless mediums like rock gravels, clay balls, coco-peat, pearlite, etc. with the use of these mediums roots take out exactly the amount of nutritions they require and the rest of it stays within the water in the system allowing them to always have accesses to their nourishment.

These commercial and urban Hydroponic Systems have many Advantages over traditional Methods of growing food witch we will explore in another  article.   



Drip System:-  This is a pretty common Hydroponic system. In this process you have to Drip nutrient water solution on the plant roots so that they remain moist. Slow feed of nutrient solution dripped into root zone then recycled back to the reservoir. This ensure roots remain most & healthy. Due to recirculation pH level may change. Constant  pH monitoring is required. It is a simple technique, and you do not need large volume of water  system.

Ebb and flow (Flood & Drain):- It is very suitable and also popular among  the home hydroponic grower. It can fit in any available space, in this system you have to periodically flood the plants root system by using submerged pump and timer to flood the grow bed with nutrient solution.

Vertical Hydroponic:- In this system crops are grown in vertical stacked layers, It is also known as tower Gardens.

Dutch Bucket:- Each bucket can be set up separately allowing grower to space out larger crops without wasting media. Dutch bucket break the media bed system down to smaller components. In case any buckets is infected, can be removed without removing entire bed.

Nutrient Film Technique (NFT):- This is a very popular Hydroponic Technique. In this, the system supplies a constant flow of nutrient solution directly to the exposed plant roots. Excess nutrient solutions recirculate. Taking care of any technical functions is required.

Deep Water Culture (DWC):- In this method of hydroponics, the plants sit in the net pots with the support of  grow media like clay palette in a container of at least 15 liters of nutrient solution. The Solution is still and with the help of the air stone the plants will get oxygen for the roots. With in time the roots of the plants spread in the container and will grow to its full potential. 


Aeroponic:-This technique involves misting water and nutrient solution onto plant roots. Aeroponics systems are high-pressure aeroponics and low-pressure aeroponics. The main difference being the droplet size of the mist used in each case. Growers use less water when using an aeroponic system than with other hydroponics methods because the water is misted.

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