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HydroPonic Systems

Hydroponics is a simple method of growing plants without soil (soilless growth). The Meaning of "Hydro" Is Water and ''Ponic" means Work. This method of growing plants in water is achieved by adding nutrient rich solution to the water within the system. Plants absorbed the rich nutrient in the water as food and grow, to support the plants a soilless media is used to keep it in tact with the system, just aboutt any type of media can be used like clay pebbles, rock wool, foam, river gravel, perlit ect.

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Aquaponic Systems

Aquaponics is a mix of tank farming Aquaculture and Hydroponics witch is a soilless method of farming . Aquaponics makes use of these 2 in a cooperative mix where plants are fed the marine pets' discharge or waste. In return, the veggies cleanse the water that returns to the fish. Together with the fish as well as their waste, and plants in the system cleaning the water a very essential biological function begins to happen witch is the transformation of fish waste (Ammonia) to Nitrites, Nitrites over time then converts to Nitrates this is cauld the nitrogen cycle.

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